ZFS Ithaca, LLC  takes over the role of Michigan’s largest soybean processor, a title held by its affiliate, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc., for more than 20 years.

ZFS® Ithaca is a 40 million bushel per year soybean processing operation, a 4 million bushel grain storage facility and a feed ingredients transloading site serviced by both rail and truck. Located in the beautiful city of Ithaca in central Michigan, ZFS Ithaca is expected to quadruple the state’s soybean processing capacity and will impact agriculture in the state for decades.

The grain elevator became operational in late summer of 2019, while the soy processing plant began operations in mid-February of 2020, with the goal of ramping up to full production as soon as possible.

The new plant will create about 75 jobs and is expected to raise the value of soybeans for producers, while reducing the cost of soybean meal, a primary feed ingredient for Michigan’s livestock herds and poultry flocks. It will also bring several infrastructure upgrades to Ithaca and its surrounding area.